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These two downloadable files comprise original memoirs by Nikolai Tcherepnin, translated from Russian to English by John Ranck. The first concerns Tcherepnin’s education at the Sixth St. Petersburg Gymnasium and University of St. Petersburg (1883-1895). The second file includes the earliest history of the Tcherepnin family, Nikolai’s childhood, and the twists and turns of his career into the 1940’s.

The Soviet-era publication of these memoirs was bowdlerized, but the censored text has been restored from the original in this translation, and is indicated by italicization. To avoid confusion, the translator has surrounded with quotation marks the titles of pieces mentioned in the text, instead of putting them in italics.

Each file is offered in two formats. The Microsoft Word version is best for online reading (which allows direct internet access to the many URLs referenced in the endnotes), while the PDF version is best for printing and reading offline. 

Two Memoirs of Russian Education (Word Doc) (PDF)

Under the Canopy of My Life (Word Doc) (PDF)








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