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Nine-step scale
Pentatonic scales
Chromatic tetrachords and the eight-step scale
Georgian harmony
Hard and soft intervals and harmony
Some observations


II. Interpoint (punctus inter punctum)
Interpoint can be vertical (which is self explanatory):

Example: Symphony No. 1, third movement

can be horizontal:

Example: Symphony No. 1, first movement

N. B. The accented string rhythms coincide with the strong beats of the measure. Woodwinds establish their rhythm on the second 8th-note (horizontal displacement by the value of 1/8). Horns start on the third 8th-note (horizontal displacement by the value of 1/4).

can be metrical:

Example: Expressions, Op. 81, No. 10 (Exit)

N. B. Although the patterns coincide vertically, they are of different meters and different lengths.

can consist of various combinations of the three essential trends:

Example: Showcase, Op. 75
Combination of metrical and vertical interpoint

More complex combinations:

6-part "Formula" (3rd movement of Symphony No. 1, Op. 42)

8-part vertical/horizontal interpoint (Quintet Op. 44, 2nd movement)

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